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Record with the pilot link plug in the Nagra pilot socket, then to playback in sync, plug the QSLS into the Nagra pilot socket and the CUE socket and plug the pilot link plug into the QSLS, run the Nagra in playback and switch the QSLS to lock and the QSLS meter with lock in the center, and the Maltese indicators will be white



The Nagra QSLS is a synchronizer for Nagra IV-S. Because of the doubling of some audio boards on the IV-S, in comparison with Nagra 4.2, Nagra could not integrate the equivalent of the QSLI into this tape recorder. The same playback control function by FM pilot locking from internal quartz is provided from the external QSLS box.

The 4 pin Tuchel plug is connected to the pilot socket on the Nagra, after the pilot link plug has been remove and fitted to the QSLS pilot socket, the 7 pin plug is connected to the CUE socket on the Nagra 4S. See below

The needle modulometer, on "Slave" position, shows correction carried out by sync control between read pilot signal and internal quartz.

The Speed/Time control can be used with the QSLS but this item has sold

If you have a tape and the speed is + or - 10% out, Record a copy on to the Nagra with the pilot link pug in the pilot socket, when it is played back with the QSLS and QSV2 connected, the tape speed can be contorted on the QSV2

If the camera was was running at a different speed to the audio track when the recording was made, it can be transfered with the QSLS and QSV2 connected to match the picture

To use the QSLS with the Nagra IV-S TC.(Time Code) recorder the Nagra QSIP resolver is needed, this unit plugs into the QSLS

Nagra QSIP is an external accessory for Nagra IV-S TC. It complements the QSLS in order to control device playback, by comparing SMPTE Time Code which is read from tape with TC delivered by internal generator. The QSIP, set between Nagra and QSLS, converts read TC signal into pilot signal for the QSLS and, conversely, converts compensation signal delivered by the QSLS into a signal compatible with SMPTE reading boards of the Nagra IV-S TC. Do not forget to screw on the crystal jumper plug onto the QSLS

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