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Product Ref UMN10 update's

Stereo Nagra extras and updates = 11

Had full service, clean, lubricant and adjust tape transport mechanism, clean all switches, controls and input and output connectors, adjust playback head azimuth and zenith, levels and EQ to lineup test tape, adjust record head azimuth and zenith check bias, levels and EQ, record pink noise and adjust playoff to give a flat response on a spectrum analyses
Test tape, the new tape used to test the recorder is supplied with 1 & 8K frequency and music to test playback
Switchable between "T or Phantom (12 & 48volt) microphone powering or 50O & 200O Dynamic, INPUT 1
Switchable between "T or Phantom (12 & 48volt) microphone powering or 50O & 200O Dynamic, INPUT 2
Full FM pilot sync recorder, (Stereo recorder only)
Full pilot 50/60Hz sync recorder,
50 Hz pilot sync recorder only
With pilot link plug


Part Ruby tape guides
Full Ruby faced tape guides
Silicon rubber pinch wheel
Silicon rubber dive belts
Removable Perspex lid hinges,
Fixings for 7” spool Perspex lid and NAB spool adapter (Stereo recorder only)
7” spool Perspex lid fitted
AGC Automatic recording level,
Headphone monitoring with right, left and stereo channel switching (Stereo recorder only)
Headphone monitoring with automatic record lever board fitted
Take up roller has a minutes counter
Motor stop board, when the tape runs out the motors will stop,
60 Hz strobe roller to suit you country mains frequency
50 Hz strobe roller for UK
Mew metal head cover full
Mew metal head cover on replay only
Tape polisher, removes magnetic dust from tape and improves H F
Handle/ Shoulder strap fixing screws
Leather case
Shoulder strap
Aluminum flight case
ATN power supply
SMPSU, mains power supply, 110 - 240 50/60 Hz with mains lead for county of purchaser
QSLS SYNCHRONIZER for sync playback (Stereo recorder only)
  BM11 mixer and lead
  ATN-ATU battery charging unit, plug in line with the power supply to charge internal batteries
  Rechargeable batteries, 3 sticks of 4 x 4 amp NiCad batteries