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UHER stereo 2 track 4 speed tape recorder in excellent condition and perfect working order,

This Recorder has been serviced by Mike Harris Sound Services and has a 3 Month guarantee from the date of purchase

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This recorder has a right and left input controls and a Master control in the center, it is a 3 tape head recorder so you can monitor off tape while you are recording, the S. T MONITOR switch is S Direct input and T is the off tape output, then you have a playback level controls, then the TONE control, that pulls out to switch the speaker on or off.

Then you have a external speaker output or more headphones, there is a headphone jack in the side of this recorder, then you have MIC1 and MIC2 on 8 pin Din plugs, then there is a mono full tack or stereo switch. Above the sockets, is the footage counter, battery test, meter light switch, then a stereo or mono M1 or M2 microphone input switch and the speed on off switch. The speeds are 7.5, 3.3/4, 1.7/8, and 15/16 ips

I had to order the 8 pin Din plugs from CPC and make up the leads so I could test it with microphones inputs, there leads are included

I don't normally stock these recorders, but it is as new and a am impressed with its performance

The shoulder strap and UHER take up spool, and a roll of new tape that was used to test and line up the recorder is included.

This recorder is all in good working order, and very nice condition

above is the line input 6 pin Din socket, then its the power socket and the line output and then the headphone TRS jack socket.

All as new

The battery box is nice and clean, and I order a new SLA battery as the old one was dead, but then found I did not have the correct power supply that has a charger in the power supply, There is a power supply

I had to order the 8 pin Din plugs and the 5 pin Din from CPC and make up the leads so I could test it with microphones inputs, and the line input and output leads these leads are included with the shoulder strap and new SLA battery, I can supply a new charger and a power supply but it will cost £50 extra. but not made by UHER

Measures, 27 x 23x 9 cm @ 3.7Kg with tape no batteries

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