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Revox stereo 2 track 2 speed and variable speed tape recorder in excellent condition and perfect working order,

This Recorder has been serviced by Mike Harris Sound Services and has a 3 Month guarantee from the date of purchase

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Please note: - The tape must be over the sensor bar, to the left of the head block when loading the tape,

The metal bar below the heads, drops down for loading the tape, and access to the reel size and variable speed control


This recorder runs at 15 ips and 7.1/2 ips and was labeled like this when I received it, so could have been modified from a 3.3/4 and 7.1/2 ips recorder.

Above is the new pinch wheel and the Variable speed control and on off switch and above that is a tape spicier.

The NAB spool adapter with the recorder are the type on the left, not the type on the right hand picture

Included with this B77 is 1 roll of new 5 inch tape that was used to line up the recorder, recorded with some test tones and some music for you to test the recorder x 1 metal nab spools of used tape and 1 empty metal Nab spools, the 2 Nab spool adapter and a mains lead, x a new roll of EMTEC 840 10.5 inch NAB hub.

Measures, 45 x 40 x 20 cm @ 18.5 Kg with out tape

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