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Nagra SN-N mono full track 2 speed recorder in excellent condition and perfect working order, this recorder updates the SN recorder that had no speed switch, The SN-N has High and Low speed and the speed is variable between the two.

This Recorder has been serviced by Mike Harris Sound Services and has a 3 Month guarantee from the date of purchase

Before you use the recorder check the transport lock is off, that's the half round knob by the meter, it is now in the off position, if it is rotated down, the lock is on and you cannot operate the recorder.

Above left is the control lever, push in to (Load) and up to lock in, to play the tape, but if you have a microphone or Line input lead plugged in the connector ( just above the control lever) it is in the recording position and will record.

Pull out and up to lock the control lever to REWIND the tape, then at the top canter of the recorder is a rewind mechanism, press the flat bar that is across the top and the rewind arm will pop up, lift up the chrome pin, then holding the pin, wind the tape in a clockwise direction.

There is a high or low speed control just to the right of the rewind handle. The TTA control is Tape Tension Adjustment (this is set)

This recorder is fitted with a automatic record level control, set your compression level on the meter. There is no red control knob on the top deck of this SN it is fitted in the left hand side by the control lever.

On the right hand side of the SN is a push button battery test, the voltage is indicated on the meter

The tape spools are held by a cross bar, rotate the bar until it lines up with the slot in the tape spool and lift off the tape spool

The SN tape heads are in very good condition

The 6 pin connector is the Microphone or line input and when you plug into it switches the SN to record, there is no Direct output just of of tape.

The 5 pin socket it used for a pilot sync unit or remote stop start.

This recorder is all in good working order, and is complete with no windows missing from the lid

Inside the bottom case is a block diagram with connection information for accessories, and inside the lid are operating instructions, and you can see the 2 AA batteries that the recorder runs on,

The machine has the following features: It is a full track mono recorder; it has the original Nagra SAR lapel microphone

There is 3 output leads a SCU 3.5 mono jack to Banana plug with DC blocking, a 3.5 mono jack to RCA phone plugs, also with DC blocking and a 3.5 mono jack to 3.5 stereo jack socket so you can use stereo headphones. I have included 3 spools of tape and 2 empty metal spools, it is also with the original SN leather case, all are in good working order.

Please note: - the input lead below right is not the original, but one made in my workshop. These recorder come with one microphone input lead to 3 pin Tuchel lead socket for the old type microphones and no line input lead, as there is only one SN micro connector, the lead has to be cut up to give you a line input and microphone input, The XLR lead can be plugged into the mic or line screw lock 3.5 jack sockets. This input lead can be to any connector or you can have the original lead. All lead have DC blocking built in,


When the Microphone / Line input plug is fitted in the side of the SN, it switches it to the record mode, pushing in the control lever to ON, the recorder will run the tape, check your level on the meter, and adjust on the red knob by the take up tension roller. From the PHONES 3.5 mono jack socket on the left side of the SN. This is an off tape output to monitor the recording, there is a delay from the direct input. There is no Direct output.


Unplugging the Microphone / Line input plug, puts the SN in the playback mode, rewind the tape and check the playback,

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