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Product Ref 244

NAGRA QGB 10.5"Nab reel adapter to fit Nagra 4.2 or IV-S

in very good condition and perfect working order.

With NAB spools adapters and NAB spool of tape and NAB tackup spool

LOADING switch will help you thread the tape onto the Nagra and Spools.

For fast forward or fast rewind, pull the control knob up and rotate it to the direction you want to go, push down to stop,

you will need to have the Nagra in rewind at this time, with the fast wind knob down, you operate the Nagra in the normal way,

Rotating this lever down locks the QGB onto the Nagra foot / bracket. When switched to EXTERNAL the power supply is plugged into

the QGB and the link cable connects to the Nagra, or switch to BATT and run the QGB from the Nagra batteries

You can understand why this setup is so popular, it's a work of art in engineering,

NAB spool adapters, rotate the knob anti clock add the spool, rotate the knob clockwise to lock the spool onto the adapter

Please Note:- Above Left, Not included are the 2 red spool nuts, the Perspex cover or the spool type adapters, there is no diagram inside, These items are all missing. But this will not affect the working of the QGB.

Above Right, the QGB locks behind the foot / brackets on the back of the Nagra, so they need to be undamaged and if you don't have lift off hinges you will need to remove the hinge pin, or it will be in the way.

Please Note:- The Nagra is not included.

I do have new foot / brackets in stock but it a big job to fit them.

To buy this item please telephone: Mike Harris: 01932 241948 and quote the reference number or Email