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Item USN8

NAGRA KUDELSKI 4S Stereo tape recorder FM pilot and is a 50 or 60Hz CCIR recorder

Nagra 4S stereo recorder in excellent condition and perfect working order,

This Recorder has been serviced by Mike Harris Sound Services and has a 3 Month guarantee for date of purchase

Nagra 4S stereo recorder in excellent condition and perfect working order,

With shoulder strap/handle and fixing screw, copy of Instruction manual, pilot link plug and (UAP11) N-SMPS2 power supply and a new roll of tape and take up spool

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ABOVE . above the green control, is an extra push button switch, when you push this switch it operates a slate microphone, this is for putting information on the tape when you main microphone is on the end of a boom pole, or you are working with radio microphones, the NRS NORMAL switch is not working as the noise reduction has been modified and is now on a Lemo connector in the EXTNRS socket in the side of the recorder.

The level controls will lock together when the white lever on the red control is moved to the right

The machine is Serial No.16554 with the following features:
This machine is a Full FM pilot sync Recorder, and has two line or microphone inputs which are switchable to select between "T" & Phantom powering (12v and 48volt), 50 or 200 Ohm Dynamic or ribbon microphones, phase switch on channel one, switching between microphone and line inputs on each channel, 3 speeds-38, 19, 9.5cm/s (15-7.5-3.75ips). Monitoring selector with monitor speaker, 1Khtz. Reference generator, NAB or CCIR playback EQ, a Bias Switch for tape type, Recording Limiter, Low Frequency Attenuation, silicon rubber pinch wheel and drive belts. Full Ruby tape guides. Direct /Tape monitoring and PPM metering with red for left and green for right channel meter needles with light, Monitoring selector with monitor speaker and level control or headphone monitoring with mono push button, level control, Recording Limiter, 1K/8k Hz. Reference generator set at -8dB, tape head screen cover, 50 Hz strobe roller

Above, you can see the NRS (noise reduction system), Modification the Binda/Tuchel socket has been changed for a Lemo Socket to connect to an external Dolby noise reduction unit, that I don't have, the link plug you see when fitted in the Nagra replaces the NRS unit and puts the recorder back to a standard IV-S recorder

These recorders have separate record and playback heads, so when you are recording you can monitor the input signal (DIRECT) or the off tape (TAPE) signal that has been recorded, this confident monitor switch saves you from having to keep playing the tape back to check the recording. If recording from an open microphone it is best to use closed headphones, like the Sennheiser HD25 when monitoring of tape, or you will hear the direct and off tape signals and you could get feedback

This recorder is in very good clean condition and the Perspex lid is very good

There is minimal head wear on the machine and it is setup and biased for PYRAL/RMG LPR36 or SM911 that is very close to Agfa, BASF PER 368 or 468 tape and the sound quality and levels between direct and off tape are identical. A roll of SM911 tape is supplied with this recorder, this roll of tape has been used to adjust the Bias, EQ and levels, it now has a test tone and some music recorded on it for you to test out the recorder, I have set the Bias switch to 3 for a flat responce, if you set it to 1 you would get an HF lift of about 4 dB, if you set it to 5 you will have a 4dB HF roll off

Batteries are not supplied with this recorder but are available from mike harris sound services.

ABOVE LEFT. The heads are in very good condition.

There is a pilot link plug with this recorder, that plugs into the PILOT IN above, if you are going to sync lock to a film camera or use a speed control this plug must be fitted,

It works from 12 x U2 batteries or external ATN mains supply (not included) but item UN31 SMPSU power supply is included

Nagra is the best reel-to-reel tape recorder ever made with the best of Swiss engineering that you are never likely to see again.
One of the joys of owning a Nagra is that it is an all in one over the shoulder recorder and when you switch it on you know it's going to work and give you a professional quality recording in any condition

It has a nice clean battery compartment and the pesspex lid is fitted with lift off hinges, you press the two pegs together,

To buy this item please email at EX PRO RECORDERS LTD