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With UN3I power supply, shoulder strap and fixing screw, a copy of Instruction manual, pilot link plug and a new roll of tape with test frequency run and pink noise that was used to line up the recorder.

The machine has the following features:
Three microphone inputs 1 x "T" 12v microphone powering and 2 x 200 Ohm Dynamic, a line input on banana plugs or the 6 pin Tuchel ASS socket, It has Direct or off Tape monitoring and metering, Monitoring selector with monitor speaker and level control, Manual or Automatic headphone monitoring with level control, it has 1 & 2 high pass and 1&2 LAF low freq attenuation filters, 3 Taps speeds- 38, 19, 9.5cm/s (15-7.5-3.75ips). 50Hz strobe roller, 1Khtz. Reference generator set a -8dB, Automatic Recording Limiter, Automatic and manual recording level, Low Frequency Attenuation, Metering of Battery and Pilot level, new silicon rubber pinch wheel and drive belts, the take up roller has a minutes counter, it is a full pilot recorder with switchable 50 or 60 Hz pilot cristal, with pilot link plug, uses 5" spools and it will run 7" tape spools with the lid open.

This is a full track mono recorder with 50 or 60 Hz Pilot sync, S/N 84953

If you would like to record on a Nagra and playback on a non pilot recorder, remove the pilot link from the pilot socket on the right hand side of the recorder to switch off the pilot, otherwise you could hear the 50 or 60 Hz when you play the tape, if you are not sinking the tape to video or film camera you can leave the pilot link unplugged. BELOW RIGHT, See pilot link plug, above the pilot link and handle fixing screw are the two large case opening screws, please note; only unscrew 3 or 4 turn do not take right out

ABOVE LEFT, (right to left) 1 & 2 Dynamic 3 pin XLR microphone inputs & 3 is "T" powered microphone input, wuth the RX switch bown and Line Input with the switch up, the line input is on a ACC socket useing a 6 pin Tuchel plug or in the 4 mm banana plugs.

ABOVE RIGHT, you have the playback speaker and the PILOT IN socket with the pilot link plug in it, the 4 mm banana sockets are 4.4 volts output at 600 ohm, if you feed this output to a Stereo Nagra you must use the QCSE lead or a copy with a 47K ohm pad. Or use the 7 pin MIXER socket that has a Playback or Direct output, leads can be made to order. For the POWER PACK, you can use the 24 volts ATN power supply, the 35 volts ATN 2 or ATN 3 power supplies, or the UAP31 power supply on main page,

ABOVE LEFT: The heads are in good condition and no head loss adjustment was needed when lining up the playback or biasing, the tape bias and EQ is set for AGFA 468 or 368, Zonal 468 / 368 and BASF 468 or 368, ABOVE RIGHT. nice clean battery box.

The recorder works from 12 x U2 batteries or external ATN mains supply (not included) but is with a SMPS power supply see item UAP31


ON THE BATTERY BOX RIGHT, This Recorder is fitted with a Nagra Crystal Pilot Generator, there is a switch that change between 50 or 60Hz

Nagra is the best reel-to-reel tape recorder ever made with the best of Swiss engineering that you are never likely to see again.
One of the joys of owning a Nagra is that it is an all in one over the shoulder recorder and when you switch it on you know it's going to work and give you a professional quality recording in any conditions

Please note: - The Perspex lid has some scratches, and the 12 x U2 batteries or external ATN mains supply are (not included)

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