a very rare NAGRA DSM MONITOR, A Mains Battery Portable Powered Loudspeaker

In very good condition and perfect working order, these are excellent quality amplifiers


2 way, 2 driver loudspeaker system with nice clean removable IACC battery box that can be used with the I.S tape recorder, This DSM can be supplied without the IACC battery box and just used on main, or if you have an I.S recorder, the C sell battery box can be used on the DSM.


Type: 2 way, 2 driver loudspeaker system, Frequency Response: 60 Hz to 15 kHz, battery/mains powered 15 watt amplifier, Dimensions: 320 x 130 x 240 mm, Weight: 6.3 kg,

This unit is all in perfect working order, but on some unit the volt meter has shopped working

This monitor amp runs on mains or the IACC battery box included, This battery box can be charged with the onboard charger, This DSM is supplied with an original 5 pin Din socket next to the microphone input socket, This socket is sometimes been modified to a 6 pin Binder/ Tuchel socket so as the Nagra 4 or IV-S input leads can be used, an IEC mains lead is supplied

Please Note, with all these units when charging the battery box, switch the Power switch to charge, plug the mains in the AC Line, and you have to switch the power on with the Sensitivity Power on/off switch, and the charge light will come on. see more information on charging batteries on the battery page NAGRA ACCESSORIES PAGE 2.

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