NAGRA DH SPEAKER AMPLIFIER, in good condition and perfect working order,

these are very good quality amplifiers and is with a shipping case and full set of D cell batteries

I have cleaned all the switches and controls, and tested it on a Nagra playback, it is very good.

The meter and all the inputs and outputs are working properly. This one was made in 1967 s/n 1078,

The case is very good for it's age, but there are scratches on the back and bottom of the case, Case is 32w x 23h x 12d mm

There were no feet on this amp, the rubber must have rotted away, but I have added some large stick on rubber feet, as it should improve the speaker base end, helped by the weight of the batteries.

It has a good clean battery box, and last time it was serviced the engineer taped the capacitors on, as the vibrations from the speaker would cause the capacitors to fall off. That was the only problem we ever had with these amps,

This amp is powered by 12 x 1.5 volt D cells that are supplied in the case and the case is included, and still has the label for the original owner

Case 46L X 30D X 15.5W MM,

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