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AKG C460 B & CK1-ULS High performance short shotgun condenser microphone capsule

C460 B High performance microphone pre-amplifier s/n 28310

The A61 unit has sold

This microphones paint is showing signs of use but in perfect working order, works from 48 volt phantom powering

The C460 B provides a switchable bass roll-off/attenuator with three positions: flat, 75Hz and 10db attenuation.
Technical Specification see

Detachable-Capsule Pencil Condenser Microphone

The C 460 B was a transformer-coupled preamp from AKG’s “Condenser Modular Series” (CMS).

The C 460 B preamp could be used with any of AKG’s wide variety of detachable capsules and inline pads to provide a microphone suitable for a wide variety of applications in the studio.

The mic has extremely low self-noise for a small-diaphragm mic, at 14dBA, and is advertised as having “absolute linearity of all important parameters such as frequency response, directivity factor, electrical transfer characteristics.”

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This is an ex BBC microphone

CK61 High performance condenser Cardioid capsule microphone s/n 7645

The CK 61-ULS Cardioid capsule was described as having a 15mm active diaphragm, and a sensitivity of 8mV/Pa.

A 4-position switch on the mic body enables selection of four operational modes:

No pad/filter.
HPF: -12dB/octave @ 70Hz
HPF: -12dB/octave @ 150Hz
-10dB pad

To buy this item please telephone or email : mike Harris 01932 241948