NAGRA 7" inch, (18 cm) LID assembly

FOR 4L, D, 4.2, E, IV-S, IV-SJ, IV-S T/C tape recorders.

In as new condition and working order with all parts needed, and a new cover,

Top side,

under side, see fitting needed on Nagra listed below

This screw on the 7 inch lid fixing, fits into the captive nut, that are fitted on both sides of your Nagra. These are not always fitted on older recorders and it will not work without them.

To take this type of opener you need the clip type on the right

Fitting the lid hinge; use your thumb to slide the ridged square to the left in this picture so the pin side is clear, to clip in the bottom part of the hinge. See above right, this is a lift off hinge by sliding two pins together you can lift the old lid off, if you have a fixed hinge you will have to take the main pin out.

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