Product Ref i4

Refit Tram TR50, VT505/506 and CAT66 tie clip / lavalier microphones to cable, £40 to replace cable and refit plug £55

or for DPA4060, MKE2, £45 to replace cable and refit plug £60

To test and refit plug only, on all types of tieclip microphones will be £20 each, but for fitting the 3 pin lemo plug it will be £25 and the microdot is £35

All new microphones supplied are pigtail and the plug of your choice is fitted, a Stage-line power adapter is available at £60 with a matching socket, this enables the microphone to be used on your radio transmitter or the power adaptor as a line microphone

all type of transmitter plugs and sockets are in stock,

Phone Mike on 01932 241948