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SQN-5S Series II Miniature

5:2 ENGAudio Mixer

A broadcast quality stereo portable mixer for TV, film and radio locations.With five full mic-powering input channels and twin camera drive.

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Sound Devices 442 Field Mixer

The Ultimate Portable Mixer for Production, ENG, and Film
Developed with input from the industry's top audio engineers, Sound Devices 442 encompasses the audio performance, feature set, and mechanical construction demanded by those who rely on audio gear for their livelihood. The 442 contains four microphone preamplifiers that re-define portable audio performance.

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2-channel 3-way line splitter,
(2 inputs/6 outputs), for connecting e.g. one mixer to several output.
1 balanced XLR input (600O) for each channel
2 galvanically isolated, balanced XLR outputs (600O) with groundlift switch for each channel

and 2 channel 2 way £38
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Line Transformers

For an optimum signal transmission from line units to a mixer or amplifier. By using a transformer coupling, interferences due to matching problems, e.g. hum loops, are prevented to a large extent. Input and output are DC separated.

All inputs and outputs can be used via 6.3mm jacks and XLR jacks, balanced as well as unbalanced.

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Professional 2-channel line transformer,
for reducing signal interference and hum loops.

2 inputs via balanced comb. XLR/6.3mm jacks (600O)
2 galvanically isolated XLR outputs (600O) with groundlift switch
Frequency range: 20-20,000Hz

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